Laser Skin Resurfacing Jacksonville

Using a new breakthrough procedure called Fractional Photothermolysis, microscopic ablation of the epidermis will partially resurface your skin to notably improve skin texture, smooth out acne scars, improve pigmentation problems such as Melasma and brown spots, and reduce fine to moderate static lines and wrinkles in just a few treatments with minimal or no downtime. The Palomar Fractional Laser treatments will stimulate regeneration of the deeper collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, without harming the surface. The remodeling of collagen results in fresher, younger-looking skin like ablative laser procedures, without any significant interference with daily activities.

Multiple passes may be required during a treatment session. You may experience redness or swelling immediately following that will be treated with cool compresses. A sun block will be applied for you and is essential to prevent post-treatment hyper-pigmentation. Make-up can be applied immediately and you may return to work or routine activities at any time.

Depending on the number of conditions you are treating, and the severity of the individual problem, we recommend a series of five or six treatment sessions. You may return to work the same day and resume all your regular activities. By dividing the full program into several treatments, you will receive gradual improvement with very low risk and appreciate the wonderful “no downtime” feature.

For the most difficult areas, harness the power of ablative skin resurfacing. Our physician performed Carbon Dioxide laser effectively corrects deep wrinkles and provides superior tissue shrinkage. A classic treatment that yields undeniable results, ablative resurfacing can be combined with any face lift, eyelid or eyebrow lift to further enhance your results.

IPL/Laser Hair Reduction and Photofacials

Our versatile Palomar platform provides IPL treatments and our Candela GentleYag® laser provide effective, safe and comfortable treatments for all skin types, including tanned skin to yield permanent hair reduction, facial vein and pigmentation correction in just a few sessions.
Unwanted facial or body hair can be treated and customized to your skin type. Localized, intense heating of the hair follicle destroys its regrowth potential. The number of treatments required vary since hair from different areas grow at different rates and are not all in the growth phase at the same time. Hemoglobin within blood vessels absorbs the light energy
to reduce redness associated with veins, rosacea, and capillaries. A clearer complexion results as melanin pigment within sunspots, melasma, birthmarks and other benign conditions is targeted by the light energy, whether you are treating the face, neck, dTcolletT or other areas.

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