Face Lift Jacksonville

As a person ages, the effects of gravity and time cause a loss of skin elasticity and sagging, as well as loss of facial volume that may deepen parentheses shaped smile lines and form vertical marionette lines on either side of the mouth. The best candidate for a facelift is a man or woman whose face and neck have begun to sag, but whose skin still has some elasticity and whose bone structure is strong and well-defined. A facelift improves some of the most visible signs of aging by removing excess fat and skin, tightening underlying tissues and repositioning skin.

When these changes are still minimal, a mini face lift can be performed to tighten and reposition the skin producing a more rested, refreshed look. A full facelift will improve the neck-chin angle, and restore tighter jawline definition with correction of jowls. The incisions for a mini face lift are shorter compared to a traditional facelift, that may begin within the temple and extend in front then behind the ear and into the hairline. The mini facelift procedure and the recovery time are shorter than a full face lift.

Most patients are back to work around two weeks when the majority of bruising and swelling is subsiding.