Labiaplasty Jacksonville

Labia minora reduction, also referred to a Labiaplasty, is indicated for women who experience physical discomfort due to enlarged size and elongated shape of the labia minora. Stretched labia minora that protrude when standing upright can occur with aging, as a result of childbirth, piercings, etc. Frequent functional impairments can include discomfort with sitting, crossing legs, during intercourse, and while wearing fitted clothing. Dr. Doolabh’s technique is designed to remove the excess tissue, while preserving the normal sensation, edge color and wrinkling characteristics of youthful labia minora. Labial reduction surgery can be completed alone or with other cosmetic surgeries, with your choice of a combination of local and sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia, and requires a few days of postoperative care to ensure proper healing.