Body Lift Jacksonville

This procedure is a complex combination of a tummy tuck, a limited lateral thigh lift, a Buttocks lift and liposuction of various areas as indicated. The exact components of your Lower Body Lift will be adjusted to your goals, and needs as determined by your body shape, and the amount of excess skin and fat in each area. The outcome includes flat abdominal contours, waist and hip definition, reduction of lower back rolls, raising the buttocks and reducing excess or hanging of the outer thighs. Ideal candidates are those that have abdominal wall laxity, excess skin and fat that extends around the trunk and back, and maybe even sagging of the buttocks and inner and outer thighs. Typically this occurs in patients that have undergone massive weight loss, either a result of bariatric surgery or diligent diet and exercise.

Dr. Doolabh will plan your incisions before the surgery to make them the most inconspicuous, usually low enough so as to hide below the waist band of your pants or underwear. Dr. Doolabh usually begins the operation with you on your side or stomach in order to remove the excess skin and fat from the mid back and correct buttocks sagging. Liposuction with or without undermining and lifting of the outer thighs is also completed on each side of the body. You will then be turned onto your back for the tummy tuck. The abdominal wall is tightened, the excess skin and fat removed, and your belly button inset into a new skin opening. All of the tissues removed lie above all muscles, and major nerves and vessels. The procedure can range from five to six hours, depending on the skin-fat envelope redundancy and fat deposition patterns. You will be dressed and wrapped for a snug, comfortable compression garment to help control swelling and help your skin shrink to fit your new contour for the first 4-6 weeks.

Most patients with light job duties return to work two weeks following surgery, although unrestricted activity is not expected at this time.