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Chin Augmentation Recovery – Post-Surgical Jacksonville

Published on June 27, 2015
Chin Augmentation Recovery Jacksonville

Better facial balance can be attained with the help of chin implant surgery, also known as chin augmentation. This facial procedure does come with some chin augmentation recovery time. Surgical procedures such as chin augmentation result in a degree of

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Thigh Lift Recovery – Jacksonville Thigh Care

Published on June 20, 2015
Thigh Lift Recovery Jacksonville

Recontouring your thighs is an excellent way to reduce them in volume and make them look fit and in shape. After this procedure, it will be important to follow your physician’s directions during thigh lift recovery. For four to six

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PRP Treatments – Vampire Procedures Jacksonville

Published on June 5, 2015
PRP Treatments Jacksonville

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a solution created from a small amount of a patient’s blood to rejuvenate their skin and add a youthful glow. This cutting-edge treatment is quite popular right now. Interested in learning more about what

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